I recently visited my friend at RedHat, only to discover that every desk chair in the RedHat tower is a Herman Miller Embody Chair. This chair is designed to conform to any body type for healthy ergonomics while sitting. Pretty darn cool!

Tana Stewart

When a designer has fun imagining the worst possible user experience…



One more opportunity

I have matched all the requests with the project requested at the connections page. Several asked for a project that had already been claimed and some have yet to claim one. I'll wait until tomorrow morning and then I will do the matches myself.

There are a few projects for which there is not yet documentation. If your project has a dead link on it, let me know.

Facebook: Designing for the users

    I recently ran across an interesting article concerning Facebook's latest redesign. Dustin Curtis, UI designer, was able to test an alternate layout for Facebook and provided an interesting writeup in his blog. The new page looks more streamlined and potentially less resource intensive.
    Yet, Facebook went back and opted to roll out an update similar to the older version as opposed to this new interface.

     Here we see an interesting case of user vs. stakeholders, where the stakeholders win. Curtis writes "After an investigation into the problem by Facebook’s data team, they discovered that the new News Feed was performing too well. It was performing so well from a design standpoint that users no longer felt the need to browse areas outside of the News Feed as often, so they were spending less time on the site. Unfortunately, this change in user behavior led to fewer advertisement impressions, which led, ultimately, to less revenue." In line with today's class discussion, Curtis quotes a Facebook employee complaining about the design process as saying, "We’re blind. It doesn’t matter what any individual person thinks about something new. Everything must be tested. It’s feature echolocation: we throw out an idea, and when the data comes back we look at the numbers. Whatever goes up, that’s what we do. We are slaves to the numbers. We don’t operate around innovation. We only optimize. We do what goes up." Julie Zhuo, Facebook designer posted her response to the post which also proves to be an interesting read and provides some good insight into designing for a massive user base and their technical limitations. However, she ignores the concept that Facebook would design for advertisements...

DailyTarHeel Website Design

Here is my DailyTarHeel Wireframes. I didn't get to show these in class because my computer was busted but hopefully my quick paper sketches got the same basic idea across. Enjoy!



Car Interface Design

I had originally intended my presentation to be in the format of a paper: thesis, arguments and evidence, and then a conclusion. As Dr. Bergquist stressed again and again, 5 to 10 minutes isn't nearly as long as I thought, leaving me with little time to show the actual prototype design, and thus it was a little front heavy with images. Sorry about that. A more full, detailed writeup  of the prototype can be found here, with the original presentation available here.

Digital Imaging Prototype

Here is a link to my prototype:
Digital Imaging course website


-Daniel Lunk